Walking coast to coast across Scotland with the X-Pro1 | Ian Cotterill | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it


In January when Fuji announced the X-Pro1 I had a feeling that it might be the camera for me. My favorite camera from the days of film was the Contax G2 and the X-Pro1 looked to be as near as anyone had got to a digital version of it. Firstly itʼs worthwhile saying what the X-Pro1 isnʼt. Itʼs not an SLR. It doesnʼt handle like an SLR and is nowhere near as fast to use. If you want to take sports or action photos the X- Pro1 is not the camera for you. Technically it isnʼt a rangefinder camera either, it doesnʼt have a rangefinder, but it is a rangefinder style of camera. There are dials for shutter speed and aperture setting and it very much looks like a traditional rangefinder film camera but looks can be deceptive. Behind the traditional looks is a camera with some sophisticated modern technology.