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There are times when a great product just needs time to mature and grow, before it makes its way out into the world. Some time ago I received an email, inviting me to try a new RAW converter which was in Beta. My computer froze, coughed and then spat it out. But that was then and this is now. In the intervening period, Oloneo PhotoEngine  grew up, shook off its birthing issues, and came of age. The butterfly which emerged from the chrysalis is shiny, polished and highly competent.




When I began using the Fujifilm XPro-1, there were few processing applications available for it, and at the time only the native Fuji software and Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom supported it. On the one hand the Fuji supplied software, their own take on Silkypix, provided sharp rendition of detail but was prone to a mottling problem in midtone areas; on the other hand Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom provided sharp edges but was prone to smearing micro-detail. For a long time I wondered why, but a recent comparison test by Sean Reid (paywalled), gives an insight into how Adobe have worked  around the problem presented by a unique sensor. Their workaround uses an embossing effect to give the illusion of sharpness. Now however there are more applications on the market to deal with the problems presented by the almost-analogue nature of the Fuji sensor. Recently, Capture One released a version which supports the X-Trans sensor. More and more application developers are coming to the X-series party. Oloneo PhotoEngine is the brainchild of a small company based in Paris, France, whose developers are working on a heavily-crowded stage, with a wide range of raw converters and processing software available to all of us. So why would you look at this particular product? There are reasons. I recently downloaded a copy of the application, and for the last month or two I have been getting into it. And, for those of you who want the answer upfront, rather than at the end, I am impressed.....