Xpro-1 with Rokkor MD 50mm F1.4 – Part 2 | Luc Pher | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it

This week’s photos are taken with the Minolta Rokkor 50mm F1.4 lens mounted on the Xpro-1 via an adapter. The camera was set to manual focus, auto ISO and a mixed shutter speed of 250 to 500. The EVF was sufficiently bright for focusing and once I fixed the plane of focus, I can switch to using the OVF to conserve battery. Despite the age of the lens, the focusing ring is smooth and responsive and I was able to achieve a relatively fast “focusing” speed that is sufficient for action and street photography.


Shooting with a manual focus lens is different. You need to be more deliberate and choose your subjects and environment carefully. Anticipation, pre-focusing and letting the subjects walk into the scene are important elements to nail a shot. Focusing manually also preoccupies your mind with the technically aspect and free your mind of the fear of shooting people up-close. I have a higher percentage of people shots while “struggling” with focusing.