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Scoresby Sund, Greenland | Roel

Scoresby Sund, Greenland | Roel | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it


One of my greatest pleasures in life is traveling.  There are so many amazing places on this planet and I want to see as many of them as possible in my lifetime. I frequently get asked, “Where are you going next?” – and my answers often leave people scratching their head.  But one recent response did catch me off guard: “You’re going … where?” That is what I got when I told someone I was going to Greenland. “Why the h*ll would you want to go there?”, they asked. Why would I?  Read on to find out…

Why Greenland? Just over a year ago, my wife and I were visiting Iceland (one of our most favourite places) and spent some time in a town called Husavík in the northern part of the country.  During our stay, we went on a day trip to Puffin Island with a company called North Sailing which we really enjoyed. After our excursion, I noticed in their brochure that they had a one week sailing tour of Greenland which really piqued my interest.  I had heard from several people that Greenland is a beautiful place, especially Scoresby Sund where this voyage was supposed to take place. After doing a quite a bit of research (plus speaking to the helpful folks at North Sailing), we took the plunge and decided to go to Greenland.  As you will find out, it was a decision I am so glad we made.....

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