Review of Gariz Half Case for X-E1 | Deron Chang | Fuji X-Pro1 |

While the case is made of leather, it is not a particularly high grade of leather. It certainly could have benefitted from being thicker and textured instead of being smooth.  Their is no appreciable increase in the size of the grip; this disappoints me as it was one of the main reason I got this cover.  In fact, I would say that the smoothness of the leather actually makes it MORE slippery than the naked camera body.  I am considering applying some adhesive rubber material to the leather's surface on the grip area.  Perhaps there is a leather-looking rubber material that one can buy after market.

The fit and finish of the case is top notch.  Starting with the nice looking box and the cloth drawstring bag that holds the case, the details were attended to with this item.  The stitches are even and true and there seem to be no defects in the material.  It fits snugly, following the contours of the camera body, though the left side (non-shutter release side) is not as tight as the right side.  The base attaches firmly, though the knob does over-rotate to the point where if you do not rotate it back slightly, it will interfere with the opening of the battery/SD card door.  In fact, even if it is perfectly positioned, the edge of this knob can sometimes catch the door as it opens.

Despite the fact that the case creates a well through which you need to reach to access the battery/SD card door, I have no problem reaching and removing either the battery or the SD card.  (i.e., It is not more difficult than if the case were not attached.)

The aluminum base looks beautiful, but it is important to point out that the base is not a solid piece of aluminum.  (Which is the reason why this case is surprisingly light.) Instead, it is a thin piece of aluminum plate, then a thicker piece of plastic, then another thin layer of aluminum, followed by a another thicker piece of plastic. It is certainly sturdy, but it is not as sturdy as one solid piece of aluminum would have been.  To be fair, it is solid enough to  firmly attach a camera plate to it and have no play.  The only odd thing is that the embedded "nut" that accepts the bolt from the camera plate does not seem to be the same thread type as it was somewhat difficult to screw the plate in.  I worried about this because of the underlying plastic that anchors this embedded nut....