Millstones and Meadows with the Fuji 14mm | Nick Lukey | Fuji X-Pro1 |

My new wide-angle has arrived, my 18mm was never really wide enough, so took the plunge and bought the 14mm F2.8.

The build quality as usual is first class, nice weight, all metal contstruction, feels nicely balanced when attached to the camera. The aperture ring has full and half click stops. First gripe, the aperture ring is way too loose, and can easily be caught whilst shooting. The manual focus ring is nice and has a great feel. A bonus with the ring is that it switches from Af to Manual focus by pushing the ring forward or pulling it back. Overall the quality feel of the lens, the distance markings and the depth of field scale, reveal a superb attention to detail by Fuji.

So whats it like to use in the field, one word FANTASTIC. It's pin sharp, with a great depth of field, shooting either in af or manual mode is easy, set it up for zone focus, or hyperfocal and it gives you the depth of field to make quick street shooting a breeze. A minor nitpick is the lens hood, just a little bit too big and shows up a little too much in the viewfinder, when shooting with the OVF. However minor niggles aside, it is a great lens, delivers punchy sharp images with great IQ. All I need now is the big zoom and I will be totally setup.  Some images taken with the 14mm and the Fuji Xpro 1.