New beast | the X-Pro1 from an X100 shooter | LaROQUE | Fuji X-Pro1 |
When Fujifilm announced the X-Pro1 - their first interchangeable lens camera for the X-series - I shrugged. While many had been decrying the X100’s fixed focal length, clamoring for a more expandable model… I was perfectly happy. Better than happy: I found my X100’s limits liberating. I was already invested in Nikon for anything else and the idea of adding an entirely new lens system didn’t even cross my mind. I was little more than slightly curious.

But then came the images. And Nikon’s 36MP move. And the realization that the one camera I truly cared about had a Fuji logo on its top plate.

So after months of gobbling up every bit of news I could find, discussing the camera at length with fellow photographers, looking at some of their files and gushing very publicly on this blog… I finally jumped in and bought the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with the 35mm f1.4 lens.