First X-Pro1 shots from an M9 enthusiast | Digital Photography Review | Fuji X-Pro1 |

user Ashwin Rao on

Hi all, after much debate and several attempts with friends cameras, I was able to snag one of these for a try. I have enjoyed the experience as I have gotten to know the camera better, and it, like the M9, changes the way one typically would approach an image and composition. IQ is stunning. Here are some early attempts....Comments and criticisms welcomed.

IQ is M-like, for sure, with better high ISO....focus remains an issue, particularly in low light, were all of that high ISO goodness could come in handy....
The Fuji has REALLY grown on me. AF is far from perfect, but the sensor is bloomin' fantastic! I'm getting used to MF implementation, though I think a bit more zoomed out may be better.