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Match Technical Thumbs Up EP-7S Review For The Fuji X-Pro1 | Patrick Leong

Match Technical Thumbs Up EP-7S Review For The Fuji X-Pro1 | Patrick Leong | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it

Like almost everything else in the world these days, camera equipment can be customized to suit one’s needs.  This customization goes further than just picking what kind of lenses or film you prefer (if you shoot with film).  Nowadays, there’s a huge market for little trinkets, such as, neck straps, hand grips and even soft release buttons.  One popular accessory for rangefinder and mirrorless cameras are the Thumbs Up devices made by Match Technical.  I’ve heard of only great things about Match Technical’s Thumbs Up devices but never used them because I was content with how my cameras felt in my hands.  As they say, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”  So, why am I writing a post about the Thumbs Up EP-7S for the X-Pro1?  Well, one of my friends, who’s visiting from California, recently bought an EP-7S for his X-Pro1, and told me I need to try it out.  I figured, why not?  Who am I to say no to trying out new gear, right?


Match Technical Thumbs Up EP-7S Build Quality:

The great thing about the EP-7S is that it looks like an OEM product on my X-Pro1.  It doesn’t look like a cheap aftermarket part nor does it feel like one at all.  The EP-7S feels exactly how it looks in the photos.  It’s an extremely well-made, solid piece of brass that matches perfectly with the Fuji X-Pro1.  It slides into the hot shoe surprisingly very smoothly, and it’s an absolutely perfect fit.  It’s tight but in no way does it feel like it doesn’t belong in there.  The EP-7S also has two silicone rubber inserts on the inner part of it that provide stable contact with the camera, and protects the camera from marks and scratches......

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Thumbs Up EP-7S for the X-Pro1 | Match Technical Services

Thumbs Up EP-7S for the X-Pro1 | Match Technical Services | Fuji X-Pro1 | Scoop.it
With six years production of Thumbs Up designs, match Technical now introduces the Thumbs Up EP-7S for use on the Fuji X-Pro 1 camera. 
Simple, compact, and effective, Thumbs Up EP-7S employs new features taylored for the X-Pro 1.  The Silicone Rubber inserts are located in two positions. These inserts serve to dampen vibration, provide stable contact with the camera body and better protect the camera.
The EP-7S thumb rest incorporates the well proven 22 degree beveled EP grip. This profile provides the most efficient shape for holding your Fuji camera more securely and more comfortably. The special EP profile substantially reduces grip pressure and reduces camera shake.