Maui (Long Exposures) | Jeff Seltzer | Fuji X-Pro1 |

I recently returned from Maui where I tried to branch out a bit from my usual photography style. I brought along a great travel tripod from MeFoto, my trusty Fuji X-Pro1 with 60mm, 35mm, and 18mm lenses, and a relatively inexpensive cable release. I also brought a 10-stop ND filter. I took shots during sunset, dusk, and moonlight.

To help with exposure,  I downloaded a great iPhone app called LongTime (just search for it) that helps calculate the proper exposure considering an ND filter - the way it works is that you (1) choose the filter being used; (2) choose the metered exposure without the attached filter; then (3) the app tells you what the exposure time will be with the filter attached.

So, for example, if you meter a scene without the filter that shows 1/15 shutter speed, you just tell the app you are using a 10-stop ND filter, dial-in 1/15 and it tells you that the shutter speed for a proper exposure with the 10-stop filter is 1m. Pretty slick.

For sure, the most difficult part of the photography sessions was dealing with all the sand on the beach while adjusting tripod, changing lenses (wish I had the 18-55 zoom), and taking the ND filter on and off. Add to this the fact that I really don't know much about proper landscape composition, along with vacationers walking in front of your camera without a clue...well, it was challenging.....