Coffee & vintage glass | Timo Koponen | Fuji X-Pro1 |

What do you get when you use 35€ to buy an 40 year old Canon lens and a cheap ass Chinese adapter to fit that lens to your state of the art digital camera?

What you get:

  • A really cool looking camera, that's for sure.
  • Lower contrast and sharpness when compared to modern lenses.
  • Superb build quality, mechanics and feel. Way better than any modern AF lens.
  • A focused, zen-like state of mind when you shoot all manual.

When you combine low contrast vintage glass and Fujifilms x-trans sensor (which, in my opinion, produces a bit more organic files than other aps-c/35mm sensors), the results are very film like. Modern day cameras and lenses can sometimes produce a bit harsh, clinical images, even when shooting wide open with fast lens. Don't get me wrong, I love sharp lenses, I really do. But sometimes a touch of old school softness and glow is just what you need for a portrait.......