Follow-up on the polar bear attack in Nunavik  - A portrait done on X-Pro1 | Marc-André Pauzé | Fuji X-Life |

Summary: Alice Annanack Baron, three months after the polar bear attack (, greets me on the porch of her house. She is finally back home after many surgeries to her hand and scalp. The bear scalped her and his teeth and claws were just a few centimeters of her temporal artery. She still have nightmares and she is afraid of darkness. Will she ever go back on the land ? She has doubt. Her husband, Tommy, her hero, goes through tough times. Only a month after the attack, he lost a brother to the river, on a hunting trip. As both of them accompany me the door, Alice adds:
“Winter is finally here, she says, like to make sure the summer of her meeting with nanook is something of the past.


About Marc-André Pauzé:
As a health professional and award-winner photographer-documentarist-writer, Marc-André Pauzé has a mission, being a storyteller of the human condition and to bear witness to the eternal struggle for human rights and social justice by combining documentary work with respect to the human dignity of his subjects.

Via Thomas Menk