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Val d'Isere Grand Slam by the "Bon Appetit" guys

The video is in French but it will still be interesting to anyone who wants to understand the off-piste skiing potential of Val d'Isere - one of the best resorts in the world for freeriders (yes, I'm biased).

The skiing images are pretty cool but the impressive sutff these guys really did is the number of runs they made. They've started from the extreme East part of the domain (Glacier de Pissaillas) and ended up in the West part in one of the smaller and lower villages of Tignes called les Brévières.

In the process, they did 15 runs and 10,000m. (And 800m uphill by the way.)

Now, we're not talking about 10,000m of hills, right? These include 40°+ couloirs with pretty impressive slopes. I haven't done all these runs but most of them and I'd be calling it a good day completing 4 or 5. So I sympathize with how tired they must have been at the end. Impressive stuff!

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