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Totally FREE Stock Photos, Images, Pictures for School Projects and Blogs. High quality, HD, high resolution royalty-free photography. Picture sizes: 586 X 440 pixels, 2272 X 1704 pixels, 4416 X 3312 pixels!


Feel free to browse around – you don't need to sign up or login to view our collection of free stock photos. We have almost a thousand – and growing – free images for you to download. Most of our photos were taken from subjects we encounter daily; from cars to cookies, from animals in the zoo to the food served on our dining table. So, we hope you'll find some useful pictures for your school projects; photos to support your blog postings, to spice up your Google+ and Facebook's pages; or to pin our photos onto your favorite Pinterest boards.


Just a friendly reminder: Since most of these photos are free of charge, please give us a proper acknowledgement when you do decide to use them. Thank you!


Via Gust MEES