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Rescooped by Katie Frank from 6-Traits Resources!

Video:Conferring with an Avatar: Using Voki for Proofreading

I've always taught the importance of reading a paper aloud.  Every writer should do this when proofreading.  Using an avatar as a part of the process makes sense.  I've used VOKI, but this use never occurred to me.  What do you think? ~ Dennis




Students use text-to-speech software (Web 2.0 Avatars) to listen to their writing aloud. We use this 21st century method for proofreading when students do not read over their writing or are unaware of mistakes in their story. Students use this self-discovery strategy of revision and editing in order to privately critique their own work before conferring with the teacher.



Via Dennis T OConnor
Sue Ward's comment, October 12, 2012 7:41 PM
Sounds intriguing and practical - good to see the students taking control of their own learning.
Rescooped by Katie Frank from 6-Traits Resources!

How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar

How Texting Is Changing Your Grammar | Frankly EdTech |

Now that text talk is widely accepted as a legitimate form of communication, we are left wondering: Will text talk become our main form of communication in the future? Will the widespread use of text talk negatively impact the way we communicate? Or are we engaged in the creation of a colorful new language every time we text?

Via Nik Peachey, Pippa Davies @PippaDavies , Dennis T OConnor
David's curator insight, January 4, 2013 1:24 PM

My thoughts:

This article talks about how texting and the new media age may not be as bad of a thing as it is hyped up to be. They have done studies that show the pros and cons. This article shows how although we are using shortcuts to write it is just a way of us adapting; yet people still continue to use proper grammar more often than not.