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Fragrance Chemicals & Health
This topic explore how air fresheners, scented cleaning products, scented laundry detergents, and perfumes may affect health.
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Why You Need to Ditch Dryer Sheets - EcoWatch

Why You Need to Ditch Dryer Sheets - EcoWatch | Fragrance Chemicals & Health |


"Fragrances can include tens to hundreds of different chemicals, some of which are toxic, and many of which are known allergens, like limonene and linalool. All fragrance chemicals are usually kept secret from consumers. Dryer sheets can contain volatile organic compounds like acetaldehyde and butane, which can cause respiratory irritation. Quats, a fabric softener chemical, is often part of a family of chemicals called quaternary ammonium compounds, many of which are linked to asthma. Acetone, used in dryer sheets, can cause nervous system effects like headaches or dizziness.


Not surprisingly, when asked, survey respondents frequently report adverse health effects from exposure to dryer vents. One study found nearly 11 percent of the respondents reported irritation from exposure to emissions from dryer vents vented outside. Nearly 40 percent of respondents who indicated that they were “chemically sensitive” reported irritation from dryer vent emissions."

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Scooped by Environmental Illness Network Minnesota!

Enviroblog: "Natural" Extracts Can Trigger Allergies

Enviroblog: "Natural" Extracts Can Trigger Allergies | Fragrance Chemicals & Health |

"Some of the natural extracts the EC categorizes as "established allergens" in people are several citrus oil extracts such as citrus bergamia and citrus limonum found in dish soaps and all-purpose cleaners, rose flower oil found in some botanical air fresheners and lavender extract added to detergents and spot removers. These essential oils may trigger an allergic reaction after a few contacts or can cause someone to develop an allergy over a longer period of time."

caotar's curator insight, March 7, 2013 10:49 AM

Ce n'est pas parce que les extraits sont naturels qu'ils ne sont pas nocifs.

Certaines personnes, étant plus sensibles que d'autres, peuvent, malheureusement, développer des allergies, des réactions cutanées et déclencher des crises d'asthme.

Alors, prudence ! Surtout avec les produits d'entretien et cosmétiques soit-disant safe. A fortiori, quand tout le marketing développé autour des normes et des certifications bio et autres peut être trompeur ! Très trompeur !