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Immersia - Language Learning Games

Immersia - Language Learning Games | FOTOTECA LEARNENGLISH |

SoundsImmersia is an adventure game for learning languages. Use our unique play-to-learn method to learn languages quickly and have fun.

Via Joseph J Filoramo, Peter Rettig, Danielle Annick Le Pape, Juergen Wagner, Luciana Viter
Joseph J Filoramo's curator insight, June 2, 12:11 PM

#filoramospanish #filoramohighschool

Peter Rettig's curator insight, June 17, 10:45 AM

Sounds intriguing and I will certainly check it out!

Danielle Annick Le Pape's curator insight, June 28, 3:48 AM


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Verb to BE in affirmative and negative sentences

Verb to BE in affirmative and negative sentences | FOTOTECA LEARNENGLISH |
Next school year I am going to teach low level students, so I started to prepare materials for them. The first one deals with the verb to be in affirmative and negative sentences. The verb to be is t...

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Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary

Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary | FOTOTECA LEARNENGLISH |
Our interactive language games are intended to improve language skills and help English language learners.


Choose the best of four prepositions to make the correct phrasal verb.

Via Shona Whyte, David Mainwood / EFL SMARTblog, Amélie Silvert
Shona Whyte's curator insight, February 13, 2013 3:38 AM

This is probably the best of the four games I have just posted - there is a full sentence to give context, and learners choose the correct particle to complete the sentence.  


The game factors should help maintain motivation, so the only question that remains is retention - can/will learners remember any corrections?  Or is the reinforcement provided for the expressions they already know enough?