Eataly Dares to Dream of Building a Foodie Theme Park in Italy | East Coast Limousine Service |

The Disneyland of food might be arriving in Bologna. The folks behind the foodie supermarket wonderland known as Eataly are getting ready with their next big idea, and it sounds like Fico Eataly World will be arriving sooner than later. Details are somewhat limited at this stage in the process, but we do know that the park will take over around 20-acres of real estate. Restaurants, grocery stores, and something they’re calling food labs will all be part of the place. They’re even going to bring in some fish—to eat?!—as there are also plans for an aquarium. If you want to postpone your vacation so that you can check things out opening day is going to be November 1, 2015—at least as of now before any delays or other issues. All in all the place is going to set back investors around €40 million [...]

Via Mariano Pallottini