123DressMe: Wardrobe Manager That Helps You Decide What To Wear | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

The great thing about having a large wardrobe is that you have a lot of choice when it comes to putting an outfit together. The downside is, with so much to choose from, you forget some of your best items in your closet and/or have difficulty remembering how you put different outfits together. What would be convenient is if you could have a catalog of every piece of clothing, pair of shoes and accessory you own. 123DressMe is a free iPhone app that lets you create this catalog on your iPhone and iPod touch. Using the app, you can photograph each item in your closet, and then create outfits on your phone by grouping them together. Outfits and individual items can be categorized by the time of day, weather and occasion they are most suitable for, as well as by color. The filters applied to an outfit or item can later be used to search for appropriate attire when you want to go out but don’t have time to throw an ensemble together. The app additionally lets you plan events and decide early on what to wear.