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Create a Simple Check-out/ Check-in System With Google Forms

From www.freetech4teachers.com

CheckItOut is a great little Google Forms Add-on that allows you to create a simple check-out/ check-in system.

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Google Drive Blog: Add-ons for Forms bring a little something extra to your surveys

From googledrive.blogspot.fr

Google Forms is a free and simple way to collect information--from quickly polling your friends about who'll be attending your trip to the haunted hayride, to getting thousands of responses to an awareness survey for work.

Over the last few months, Forms has been getting a bunch of updates to help you make good looking surveys, like new theme choices and the ability to create your own personalized themes.

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A Wonderful Google Form Guide for Teachers

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google Forms is one of the powerful tools you want to make sure you have in your teaching toolkit.There are different ways you can use it with your students in class. You can, for instance, use it to create quizzes, polls, questionnaires, and surveys. You can also use it to design permission forms, absence slips, classroom events forms…you name it. The great thing about Google Forms, besides being free and easy to use, is the fact that it is integrated with Google Drive which means that any form you create is automatically saved in your Drive and you can access it anywhere you go with Internet connection.

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Créer avec google Form un QCM avec correction automatique et envoie du résultat

From www.cloud34.fr

Réaliser un QCM dans Google Formulaire avec envoie des réponses et correction automatique.

Anabela Luís's curator insight, July 31, 2014 7:32 AM

Para criar formulários com correção automática.

Bertin Ngninteguia's curator insight, July 31, 2014 7:19 PM

Très bon outil pour évaluer en ligne à l'aide des QCM !

Isabel Bornet's comment, August 1, 2014 3:05 AM
Un seul bémol... Le formulaire ne fonctionne pas sur le mobile..

Google Forms for Data Collection and Behavior Modification

From www.thinglink.com

TOUCH cette image pour découvrir son histoire. Marquage d'images développé par ThingLink

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Here is How to Add Images and Videos to Your Google Forms

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google Forms do not have to necessarily contain only textual input, adding some multimedia materials like images and videos can even make these forms more appealing and content rich. It is almost a year now since Google integrated the features to add images and videos to Forms and below are two visual guides to help you use these two features

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Conception et correction automatique d'un "Google form"

From www.soundguideweb.com

Comment Google peut nous aider à réaliser un formulaire et à automatiser les contrôles Si vous avez un compte gmail, vous avez accès au drive et donc aux outils Google en ligne. L’un d’eux permet de créer des formulaires très rapidement. Nous nous servirons de ces formulaires pour tester la compréhension orale par exemple. 2 avantages majeurs : L’élève a la possibilité d’une écoute individuelle qu’il peut gérer à sa guise. Côté prof, vous corrigez x élèves en moins de 5 minutes. Conception du (...)
Gilles Le Page's curator insight, April 4, 2014 11:09 AM

Excellente info : Le site http://www.flubaroo.com/ permet de "corriger" automatiquement des formulaires Google !!! 

Angel Alonso's curator insight, April 6, 2014 4:32 AM

Très bonne introduction à l'utilisation des formulaires Google dans la formation et à la correction automatique avec flubaroo.com.

lionel.lafaye's curator insight, April 15, 2014 1:53 AM

Pourquoi chercher compliqué quand on peut faire simple? Les formulaires Google sont 1 excellente solution. On peut aussi les booster avec Flubaroo. Excellent!

79 Interesting Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom

From www.slideshare.net

Tom Barrett 'interesting ways' series

Comunicologos.com's curator insight, March 2, 2014 11:46 AM

Google y Educación

Armando's curator insight, March 3, 2014 6:16 AM

79 Interesting Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom

Nevermore Sithole's curator insight, March 14, 2014 3:59 AM
79 Interesting Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom

Formulaires Google : comment recevoir les données par email ?

From www.choblab.com

Créer un formulaire via Google Drive est un jeu d’enfant, mais les fonctionnalités semblent parfois un peu basiques. Comment recevoir en temps réel les données saisies par les utilisateurs ?

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Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms

From sites.google.com

Home Page of followmolly.com

Alenka Andrin's curator insight, March 17, 2014 3:45 PM

Examples of Using Google Forms in education.

Ressources pour les cours d'anglais's curator insight, February 7, 2015 1:22 PM

Différentes façons d'utiliser google form : des idées très intéressantes à utiliser. 

Anabela Luís's curator insight, February 10, 2015 6:02 AM

Muito bom para quem usa formulários do Google ou quer aprender a usar.

Form+ Adds More Flexibility to Your Google Forms

From www.youtube.com


Google Forms has received some nice enhancements over the last few months. Still there are times when I've wished that Google Forms could do more. That's where Form+ comes into the picture.


Form+ is a third party service that adds features to Google Forms. Probably the best aspect of Form+ is that through it you can create forms that can accept file uploads. Form+ offers pre-made form templates for you to use. You can also create your own form templates through Form+'s drag-and-drop interface.

Randy Rodgers shared a Form+ tutorial on Google+ earlier this month. I encourage you to watch his tutorial to see Form+ in action.


Via Free Technology For Teachers : http://goo.gl/YossHB

Créer un formulaire avec Google Drive [Tutoriel]

From planetedata.windows8.free.fr

Les Formulaires Google sont très pratiques pour Planifier des événements, publier un Sondage, ou recueillir facilement toutes sortes d'Informations. Il est possible deLier un formulaire Google à une Feuille de calcul Google. Si une feuille de calcul est liée au formulaire, les réponses sont Automatiquement ajoutées en temps réel à la feuille de calcul. Dans le cas contraire, les utilisateurs peuvent les afficher dans la page Résumé des réponses, accessible à partir du menu Réponses.

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How to Receive an Email Alert When a Google Form Is Updated

From www.freetech4teachers.com

This morning I answered an email from a reader who was looking for a way to be alerted whenever a student entered new information into the Google Form that she shared with them. There are a couple of Google Sheets scripts that can be used to accomplish this task. The easiest script to use is called "form_alert." This simple script will send you an email alert whenever someone enters new information into your form. 

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Sending Emails with Google Forms

From www.youtube.com

Send the contents of a Google Form by email to yourself, the recipient or others - all with customized messages!

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Visual Guide to Adding Videos to Google Forms

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google has just released a set of some new interesting features on Google Form. One of these new updates is adding videos to forms. I have been tinkering around with this new feature and decided to about create this visual guide to help you integrate videos into your forms. If you are still not in the know, just a couple of months ago, Google Forms added the ability to add pictures to forms reading " Teachers' Visual Guide to Adding Images to Google Forms" to learn more.

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4 New Google Forms Features Every Teacher should Know about

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google released today four new features to its popular service Google Forms. And because we use all kinds of forms in our teaching, the four new features (progress bars, data validation, embedded YouTube videos, and custom messages )will be a great addition to the overall usefulness of this service. I am sharing them with you below and I invite you to try them in your future forms.

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Google Forms for Teachers- A Must Read Guide

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google Forms is one of the potent services Google provides for free for its users. Using Google Forms, you can very easily and without the need for any advanced technology knowledge create all kinds of forms to use with your students from contact forms to quizzes and polls. Since its inception a few years ago, Google Forms has undergone some major updates and the last one in this regard is enabling users to embed pictures and images into forms.

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Teacher's Guide to Adding Images in Google Forms

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Google Form is getting better and better, with every new update Google adds new awesome services. Now users can easily add images to their forms. Until a couple of days ago , you can only create text-based forms but now with a single click you can embed images right into the content of your form. This is particularly useful for teachers creating image-based quizzes and surveys.

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Google Forms. Encore plus collaboratif.

From outilscollaboratifs.com

Google n’en finit pas de faire évoluer ses apps,  ses outils bureautiques dans le cloud.

Dernier en date, Google Forms qui comme d’autres éléments de la suite en ligne du géant de Mountain View gagne au passage des fonctions de travail collaboratif.

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8 Outstanding Google forms templates

From www.educatorstechnology.com

Today as I was working on Google Forms to create some forms for my colleagues in the university, the idea of providing my readers here with some practical   pre-made template forms dawned on me. I know many of you would have recourse to the services provided by Google Forms and sometimes it would take you a lot of time to get what you want into form; having a set of ready made forms can make your job easier knowing that most of the ones I handpicked for you today are among the most used templates in Google Docs. You can also check the list of 20 Google Forms I published last year for more choices. Enjoy

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Créer un sondage en ligne avec Google Forms

From www.pcastuces.com

Avec l'outil Google Forms de la suite bureautique en ligne Google Documents, vous pouvez facilement créer et diffuser un formulaire auprès de plusieurs personnes. Vous pourrez ensuite collecter et analyser très simplement leurs réponses.

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