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Capture Screenshots and Auto-Upload Them Online with Puush (PC & Mac)

Capture Screenshots and Auto-Upload Them Online with Puush (PC & Mac) | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Use keyboard shortcuts or drag-drop gestures to quickly capture any portion of your screen or upload any file. These files are near-instantly puush'd, leaving behind a short URL in your clipboard, perfect for sharing. Paste these easily into your Twitter, IRC or IM clients. Share them with the world or make them private, for your eyes only.

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, July 28, 2013 1:29 PM

Good free screenshot grabber available on Windows, Mac and iOS. It captures whatever you need on your screen and it immediately uploads it to its own servers, while providing you with a URL you can instantly share with your contacts.

After a month of no-use of any image you have captured, the image gets deleted. You have unlimited upload space and you can also upload your own files.

From the official site: "Puush is a super-quick way to share screenshots and files. Quickly capture any portion of your screen, upload any file, and share them with a short URL automatically placed in your clipboard."

My comment: Extremely useful tool on paper. Good features. Haven't been able to make it run on my Mac.

Free to use.

Try it out now: http://puush.me/

Similar tools: Grabbox

Thanks to Ana Cristina Pratas for discovering it.

Cory Cannon's curator insight, January 21, 2014 9:32 AM

I might be trying this...

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