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Use Full MS Office On Your Android Device Using CloudOn For Free

Use Full MS Office On Your Android Device Using CloudOn For Free | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

There are great word processor app available at Google Play Store as I had mentioned in my previous post Top 3 Free Office Suite For Android SmartPhone And Tablet  But the familiarity and flexibility of Microsoft Office is hard to beat for those who work with it on a daily basis on a desktop or laptop. Now you can access the power of Microsoft Office on your Android device usingCloudOn app which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Other features of using CloudOn app are it enables you save your files to the cloud using one of four services: Dropbox,Google Drive, Skydrive and Box (check out Top 5 Cloud Storage Service Providers). The app also lets you open up other file types as well, including images and PDFs using the built-in File Viewer and Adobe Reader. It also lets you to use Excel and PowerPoint to create, review and edit spreadsheets and presentations. There are facilities for renaming files and sharing them as links or attachments via email.

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