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FileRplacer: Repeatedly Replace Backup Files With Current Versions

FileRplacer: Repeatedly Replace Backup Files With Current Versions | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

With all the technological advancements over the past few years, primary storage mediums like hard drives and SDDs are becoming ever more reliable and efficient. But since data lose can occur without any prior warning, it’s always advisable to keep a backup of your important files on a separate disk, so that you can easily restore your important data should you suffer a data loss on your primary storage. There still can be one major caveat though, and that is the inconvenience of backing up a large number of files. If you constantly have to update a file and then create its backup to the required location, it can be an even more tedious task. Applications like FileRplacer really come in handy during such situations. The app can easily replace files in your backup with the files you’re working on, all with just a single click. The application can prove to be quite a time saver whenever you require to replace multiple items in a batch. More details after the jump.

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