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Quickly Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps From Right-Click Menu

Quickly Uninstall Unwanted Windows Apps From Right-Click Menu | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Here at AddictiveTips, we try to bring our readers several application reviews each day. Before writing the post, we test the application in question extensively to make sure that whatever we are writing depicts the truth about the tool in question. The process involves installing a number of apps, testing them, and then picking out the best ones for the day to share with our readers. By the end of the day, all this ends up in a lot of unneeded software installed on the system, adding to the clutter and making the computer run slower. The default Windows uninstall utility allows you to uninstall applications from your computer, but you have to open the dialog box and look through the list of installed application before you uninstall them. We have covered some very useful uninstallation utilities such as Revo Uninstaller that includes additional clean-up tools, and Geek Uninstaller that removes all residue along with the application, including registry entries and context menu integrations. However, today we present you a simpler solution called Windows Uninstaller that lets you perform the task right from the context menu of installed applications, without ever opening another dialog box.

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