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Record Picture-In-Picture Skype Video Calls On Windows

Record Picture-In-Picture Skype Video Calls On Windows | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Skype is unarguably one of the best communication clients for instant messaging, voice and video calling. It offers crisp video and audio quality over a stable connection, which is why, for users all over the world, it is a default medium for staying in touch with friends and loved ones. While being available to everyone for free, the premium account of Skype offers extended services, such as group video calls, screen sharing and file transfer capabilities. Apart from all these built-in features, there are a lot of plugins and third party applications that add to the usability of Skype, quite a few of which we have covered here at AddictiveTips. Today, we present to you another similar third party Windows application called Free Video Call Recorder for Skype that, as its name suggests, allows you to record Skype video calls. The app records both the video and audio feed from your own webcam and that of the other party. You can choose to record video from both sides in a picture-in-picture view, video from the other party only or just the audio from both sides. Keep reading past the break for further details on this nifty app.

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