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Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives for Making Good Presentations

Top 5 PowerPoint Alternatives for Making Good Presentations | Time to Learn | Scoop.it
If there is an award for the most successful Microsoft product, Microsoft Office will definitely be the winner. As an important component of Office suit, Microsoft PowerPoint is the first choice of most users for making good presentations. However, PowerPoint is not the only choice left to users. In fact, after PowerPoint set industry standard for the presentation tool, various PowerPoint alternatives have been developed. Nowadays, people can even use some PowerPoint alternatives to make presentations as good as those made with Microsoft PowerPoint in effects.
“Why will PowerPoint alternatives be favored by users?” As is known to all, users can only enjoy the functions of PowerPoint in exchanges of money. However, as Office 2010 becomes more pricy than Office 2007 and Office 2013 turns more costly than Office 2010, private users may take free or cheaper PowerPoint alternatives into serious considerations. Therefore, this post will cover top 5 PowerPoint alternatives with which one can make good presentations.
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