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SoundGecko : Why Read When You Can Listen ?

SoundGecko : Why Read When You Can Listen ? | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

What’s the most precious thing ? Money ? No, it’s Time. The more time you can save, the better your life gets. If you run out of time, things start to go out of control. Well, maybe I am going too serious with this but I can ensure you that this particular web application that I have found will save a lot of time of yours, if you love reading blogs and of course news around the world.

So, what’s so special about SoundGecko ? You simply listen to the article instead of wasting your time reading it with just a click. The article is sent to the server and is available to you within seconds. So who reads out the article ? It’s similar to the popular text-to-speech application Talk It ! where you would write words and hear it. Those who are born after the year 1995 may not know of this application because it came with the Microsoft Plus package in Windows 95. Before proceeding, do not expect the man reading the article out to be a real man reading it with emotion. Initially, you might find it weird but eventually you will get used to it. It actually depends on how the sentences in the articles are constructed. If the article is written well, the ‘man’ will be reading it out in a good tone.

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