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MP3 CoverTag: Automatically Download & Add Cover Art To MP3 Files

MP3 CoverTag: Automatically Download & Add Cover Art To MP3 Files | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

There was a time when listening to music on Sony’s Walkman was considered a prerogative of the rich. The Japanese electronics giant made music listening a portable and friendly experience, despite the fact that one had to carry various audio cassettes with fancy looking album covers down their cargo pockets. Even though this was changed to optical discs later down the road, the next big shift for playing music on the go didn’t come until the iPod, which allowed people to store all music collection on the device itself, and get rid of the annoyance of carrying a pile of discs and cassettes wherever they go. More than a decade later, everyone can now download music off the internet in MP3 format, and we have handheld devices like smartphones and portable music players that easily playback MP3 and can easily carry the music collection of our lifetime. One thing that didn’t actually quite change, were the album covers. Cover art is included in a music files’ metadata information, not only for ease of use, but also to add aesthetics in your music library as well. Album covers are supported by almost every music application, ranging from iTunes on your PC to a music app on your smartphone. That’s why most of the legitimate music we download off the internet, such as from Apple iTunes Store, comes embedded with cover art. However, if you have a few files with missing (or incorrect) cover images, try MP3 CoverTag - an application that automatically finds and add covers to an MP3 file.

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