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10 Useful Mouse Tricks For Windows 7 Users

10 Useful Mouse Tricks For Windows 7 Users | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

I love my mouse! Hey, don’t get me wrong!! I don’t have a pet mouse or something. I am talking about my computer mouse. Yes, I love to use my computer mouse and truly speaking it is one of the niftiest inventions among computer devices. In this first post of mine at The Windows Club, I am going to tell you about some of the mouse tricks which I often use, to make life on the computer much easier.

I have noticed that people usually use their mouse just to click open a program or document, open the context menu and to select and drag-and-drop files or folders. But the mouse can do much more.

These tricks may not be that useful for everyone, but being a writer I often need to use them. Although, some of them are quite common and used by many people around – others are lesser known yet very useful.

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