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Where to go when you need Google Chrome help

Where to go when you need Google Chrome help | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Where do you go when you run into issues in Google Chrome that you can’t fix on your own? Say you get Shockwave Flash has crashed messages all the time, or can’t install extensions from third party sites. You probably fire up your favorite web browser, open your favorite search engine and search for the issue that you are experiencing in hope that someone else already encountered it before, and posted a solution online.

That works well for common issues and it is relatively certain that you will find a blog or forum post on the Internet to help you out. Sometimes though this first attempt at troubleshooting the issue may not have the desired result. Or maybe, you need help with an issue that no one has encountered before, for instance if you are running a cutting edge version of the browser that just got released.

There are two locations on the Internet where you get -official- support for Google Chrome. Google is unfortunately a company that tries to minimize support for the majority of its products. This means that you can’t call Google support because there is no such thing for us mere mortals. But there is also no email support available either. This is leaving users with support forums and product help.

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