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10 Ways To Create a Slideshow With Music Online

10 Ways To Create a Slideshow With Music Online | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

There are so many slideshow makers software which I had covered earlier days such as Ezvid, Foto2AVI (photos to video slideshow) and many more.


Apart from desktop slideshow softwares, I had also reviewed online apps that helps you to create slideshow with background music etc. Today thought of adding up a useful list of online apps that allows you to create Slideshows with music stuff.


Before I get into the list of apps, You can learn how to create YouTube video slideshows (http://goo.gl/DEkWJ) with Boombox app and also some best resources to create funny slideshows (http://goo.gl/b2a4t). If you want to create a video slideshow with Ken burns effect, then read this article (http://goo.gl/XAp5Q).


Speaker Deck : http://goo.gl/wVD2D

Slide.ly : http://goo.gl/BDyn7

Photosnack : http://goo.gl/XM5m8

PhotoPeach : http://goo.gl/LsBsW

VizLingo : http://goo.gl/W6olU

Hello Slide : http://goo.gl/7yaRF

Reel App : http://goo.gl/fsA1n

9Slides : http://goo.gl/eORi9

lideful : http://goo.gl/pze8P

Kizoa : http://goo.gl/KvWB8


Read more : http://goo.gl/dqfHu

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