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My favorite free software this year. Trello lets you organize anything

My favorite free software this year. Trello lets you organize anything | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Trello is so simple, easy and initiative, that it is worth it to try for 15 minutes or so, to see if it is right for you. This app is free.

 It is all about the cards : A card is any text you want to add. I like to think of it as whatever you would write on a notecard.

 Then you organize them in lists : Lists are just columns were you can sorts your cards.

 And organizes your projects into boards : Boards are much like Pinterest boards. They are where your lists and notes live. Your lists and the included cards can be reorder on your board however you like.

 Trello lets you go beyond that by “writing” on the back of the cards. Like a traditional note card there is a back to Trello cards.

 With Trello you can:

+ Add attachments (videos, Word docs, PDFs and more)

+ Add color labels

+ And collaborate by giving others access to boards, thus… Have conversations, Assign tasks, Vote for favorite cards.

 Trello’s key feature is the ability to quickly sort information. Complex projects can be broken down to smaller steps and then sorted and grouped.

 Give it a try : http://www.trello.com/

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