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projeqt - dynamic presentations for a real-time world

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From the website

"With Projeqt, your presentations never remain static. Pull in live tweets or blog feeds, insert an interactive map, add audio notes or stream videos. Let your presentations be as dynamic as you are."


Projeqt is an alternative to PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi. I like it better than all 3 because it lives on the web and is device agnostic. Basically, it's a cool way to tell digital stories that overcomes some of the linear limitations of PP and KN, while not making viewers dizzy like Prezi can. Built in HTML5, so it's future friendly.


It's simple to use and can integrate all types of media easily, while incorporating layering of presentations (stacks) and the ability to pull in live feeds including live tweets or blog posts.


Honored as one of the the best Web Services and Applications by the 2011 Webbys  and as an Interactive Awards Finalist at SXSW 2012. Do check it out. -JL


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