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Record, Sync-Up, Store and Publish Audio-Video Presentations: PresentationTube

Record, Sync-Up, Store and Publish Audio-Video Presentations: PresentationTube | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

PresentationTube provides a video presentation desktop recorder (PC) to record, publish and share quality, accessible, and interactive video presentations.


PresentationTube synchronizes presenter's audio and video, PowerPoint slides, whiteboard, drawing board, and Web content.


PresentationTube also integrates a vertical thumbnail slider allowing the user to jump through presentation slides while keeping the video in sync.


Engagement options in each presentation include a discussion board and a self-assessment quiz.


The video part of each presentation can be uploaded to PresentationTube or imported straight from YouTube.


Presentations created with PresentationTube can be easily shared across social media networks as well as embedded on any site or blog.


Free, with no ads, no banners.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage space.


Presentation showcase: http://presentationtube.net/index_watch.php 


Presentation Recorder software (free) for Windows and how to use it tutorial : http://presentationtube.net/index_record.php 


Find out more: http://presentationtube.net/ 


(Reviewed by Robin Good)

Via Robin Good, michel verstrepen
jgiraudeau's comment, February 2, 2012 3:14 AM
ça a l'air intéressant mais le lien de téléchargement ne fonctionne pas
Frédéric DEBAILLEUL's comment, February 2, 2012 3:21 AM
Fonctionne ici au bureau ce lien de téléchargement... Pb de firewall peut-être...
jgiraudeau's comment, February 2, 2012 4:11 AM
merci sur pc ça a marché
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