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GMail Search: Quickly Find Gmail Items From The Omnibar [Chrome]

GMail Search: Quickly Find Gmail Items From The Omnibar [Chrome] | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

Gmail Search, a Chrome extension, lets you quickly search through your Gmail account right from the Omnibar. The extension helps you search your emails from your Google accounts directly from the address bar. Once the extension is installed, simple type “gs” in the Omnibar, and hit either the space bar or tab, then enter a query to search your Gmail inbox. The extension will display a list of all the emails and conversations that consists of the search keyword. The instant search feature displays results immediately, and provides users with fast access to currently signed-in Gmail account.

To start off, type “gs”, hit the space bar or tab and enter your search query. If instant search is enabled, results will be displayed in the same tab as you type, whereas the new tab option opens the results in a new tab without the instant search feature.

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