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SPAMFighter - Spam Protection For Email Clients With Community-Based Filters

SPAMFighter - Spam Protection For Email Clients With Community-Based Filters | Time to Learn | Scoop.it

SPAMfighter is a plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, that removes spam and phishing emails from the inbox of your mail client. Normally, anti-spam applications and plugins rely on filters and other rule based methods; however, spammers often find a way around these filters. This often results in plugins and applications becoming redundant after a short period of stability. SPAMfighter uses community-based filters and acknowledges the reports by large communities of people who report spam or phishing messages, when they receive them. This makes SPAMfighter more efficient in detecting spam, as it is reported by multiple users. Such emails are automatically filtered for the rest of the SPAMfighter community. Furthermore, many of the spam and phishing emails are filtered out by this add-in, before they even reach the inbox of many users. This means that you can get instant spam protection, and even if you end up receiving spam, you can report it to help the SPAMfighter community and avoid receiving mails from the sender in future.

SPAMfighter asks for an email address to monitor during it’s installation, and you can specify your default mail client email address to proceed further.

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