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Rescooped by Eliana Oliveira Burian from Geography Education!

Would You Guess There Are Fewer Amish Today? You'd Be So Wrong

Would You Guess There Are Fewer Amish Today? You'd Be So Wrong | formação continuada online para professores de inglês |

"There’s no denying that the Amish are fascinating to the rest of us ("the English," in Amish terms).  We buy their furniture and jam, and may occasionally spot their buggies when driving on country roads through America’s heartland.  Many may not realize, however, that though the Amish make up only a tiny percentage of Americans (less than 0.1 percent), the Amish population has grown enormously since the early 1960s, with much of the increase occurring in the last two decades." 


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Via Seth Dixon
Kristin Mandsager San Bento's curator insight, January 27, 5:05 PM

I am surprised that there is an increase in the Amish population.  I find the reality shows about the Amish poor viewing.  Especially that goofy show Amish Mafia.  That is the worst show ever.  Why has there been an increase in the last two decades?  Are they worried about their population?  Is it an unstated rule in their society to produce X amount of offspring?  How long can they continue to keep the outside world out or at a distance?  

Joshua Mason's curator insight, January 28, 8:14 PM

I've been to "Amish Country" in Pennsylvania a couple times, most recently in 2011 on a band trip in high school. We got to tour an Amish farm house that was moved and recreated in a more modern area, specifically right next to a Target (The entrance was in the parking lot of the Target, something I couldn't help but laugh about.) I found it very interesting to learn about their culture and why they do things a certain way. I asked one of the docents if they get many converts and she said they don't but she has heard of a couple of cases. 

After that response, I was kind of surprised to read this article and find out that their community is growing, especially at such exponential rates. The family size theory though is very believable. For a community that uses farming and crafts as their main source of income, a large number of hands would be needed to help sustain the family. 

Chris Plummer's curator insight, February 15, 12:41 PM

Summary- According to this graph, it is evident that many more Amish are here today than ever before. Even though this map only displays settlements(484), more than 1 person can be living in a settlement meaning there is a lot more Amish than you would think. amish make up less then 0.1 percent of our population just showing how many people actually live in America.


Insight- The amish religion is growing exponentially, especially in the last two decades. (1964 - 2014). Being a folk culture, they are relativly large. They amish do not exploit their religion because of this reason as well, but with they growing population many people are taking notice of them. 

Rescooped by Eliana Oliveira Burian from Geography Education!

Spatial Patterns of the Gun Lobby

Spatial Patterns of the Gun Lobby | formação continuada online para professores de inglês |
The National Rifle Association gives members of Congress a grade ranging from A to F.

Via Seth Dixon
Eliana Oliveira Burian's insight:

And you? What's your opinion about Gun Control Legislation?

Seth Dixon's curator insight, December 27, 2012 11:05 AM

Since the Newtown CT tragedy, gun control and second amendment rights have been prominent in the minds on many Americans.  Your ideological position on what should be done in th future might be in part a product of geography.  How do most people feel about the second amendment where you live?  What about your local geography might influence those opinions? 

Jim Bob's comment, December 28, 2012 10:07 PM
Looks like there is enough people to finally have gun licensing stiffened.