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pricing. seriously, i think this is one of the most challenging parts of
building your own little biz.

last week i recommended an ebook called earn what you deserve. this book  does not give you a magic formula for figuring out your pricing. what it does do is tackle the underlying issues you need to consider before you can really charge what you are worth.

let me say that again. no pricing advice in the world is going to help you
if you do not have a sense of the value of your work.

earn what you deserve is going to help you do that. with it, you consider
what it means to be a biz owner, tackle your own beliefs about money and finances, figure out the true cost of doing business, look at new ways of marketing and selling, and start to build your own sense of value in your work and your product. once you have done that, then what?

well it is time to look at what you have been charging for your product. as
promised i have compiled a list of tips, advice and strategies from all
over the place that may help you with this. this is not a step-by-step
formula for figuring out your price. (if i ever find the elusive, magic
step-by-step formula for pricing i will share it immediately!) what i have
done is a lot of research into different strategies and taken the bits and
pieces that make sense to me and apply them to what i do. so i am sharing those bits and pieces with you here.

first, let’s get your head in the game...