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"A mixed-media, experimental opera produced by a Hackney-based electronic artist and avant-garde vocalist is to be performed in May at The Horse Hospital in central London.

Room of Worlds is an hour-long chamber opera for live voices, electronics and video. It charts the physical and psychological journey of a woman in a patriarchal landscape of domesticity, love and loneliness, through medicine and memory to the edge of madness.


Electronic artist Charles Webber composed the opera and also produced video for it, while experimental vocalist and former member of punk group Crass Eve Libertine, wrote the libretto.


It is loosely based on the autobiographical short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, written in the nineteenth century and regarded as a significant piece of early American feminist literature."


Room of Worlds is at The Horse Hospital, London, from 9– 10 May 2014.




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