Plant-based foods decrease risk of health problems | Buzz About Health | FoodieDoc says: |

Flavonoids are ubiquitously found in various fruits, vegetables, and beverages, and  have been linked to benefiting human health by reducing the risk of major health problems.


A recent study conducted on nearly 100,000 older U.S. adults found that those who consumed the most amount of flavonoids were less likely to die of heart disease or stroke, compared to those who consumed the least amounts, over the next seven years. The participants were divided into groups of five – based on their flavonoid intake. One-fifth of those with the highest level of plant compounds were 18 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular trouble than the group with the lowest intake.  Another study conducted at UCLA found that smokers who consumed high levels of these compounds in their diets were less likely to develop lung cancer.

--Curated by FoodieDoc, Anna Resurreccion, Ph.D.