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Food Trend Guru Liz Sloan states: "While taste remains the most important driver of food selection for 87% of consumers, it is now closely followed by price for 79%, healthfulness 66%, convenience 58%, and sustainability 52% (IFIC, 2011)."

Read this comprehensive review of food trends and eating habits, here are a few of Liz's research findings. -- FoodieDoc .    

  • Culinary passions, fewer family meals, and a fast track for flavor are redefining a new era of food.

  • Six in 10 shoppers have cut back on or eliminated purchases deemed nonessential. American pantries are shrinking, down 5% in stocked SKUs over the past two years, and 40% of shoppers are not trying as many new products (IRI, 2011a)

  • Consumer rituals around food, beverages, beauty, and health continue to center around the home. More than half (56%) of consumers serve more simple and less expensive meals at home, 55% eat out less often, and 42% bring snacks, foods, and/or drinks from home to work or school in order to save money (IRI, 2011a).

  • Last year’s fastest-growing food products reflect the trend to more at-home and from-home eating. The list of fastest-growing products includes ready-to-drink tea/coffee, sports drinks, energy drinks, snack/granola bars, shelf-stable seafood, dried meat snacks, creams/creamers, frozen seafood, vitamins, and wine (IRI, 2011b).