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FoodieDoc,  Dr. Anna V.A. Resurreccion is a retired Distinguished Research Professor with the University of Georgia and President of RSR International Group, LLC -consultants in international food security,and  food product/process/business development. She is recognized internationally for innovative research on the bioactive components in food, and consumer and sensory science. She developed original methods for measuring consumer preferences and the sensory qualities of food— including creative new ways to collect and use the information to develop value-added food products that provide improved nutrition, safety, and health benefits for consumers in the U.S. and developing countries. Her research on food quality and acceptance by consumers resulted in new product lines from food companies worldwide. She also invented a patented process that uses ultraviolet light and ultrasound technologies to enhance resveratrol and other functional compounds in peanut products, as well as new analytical methods to measure phenolics in these products. Her work over 25 years with the USAID Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program resulted in a model for successful transfer of peanut processing technologies and their commercialization—including the development of vitamin-fortified peanut butter to alleviate vitamin A deficiencies that led to blindness in children.  She and her team of Researchers developed food processing methods to eliminate aflatoxin in foods, a compound that causes growth stunting in children, suppression of the immune system--causing predisposal to disease conditions, and liver cancer.  She and her team have worked with the food industry in ASIA, and are currently training food industry partners in AFRICA to eliminate Aflatoxin from the food supply. 


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