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Trends for 2013 for the Local Food Movement | The Bucky Box Blog

Trends for 2013 for the Local Food Movement | The Bucky Box Blog | Food And Beverage |

The rise of the internet, smartphones, tablets, and affordable technology around the world has meant that we are producing more data on our lives and all the elements which make up our society, culture and environment than ever before. In fact 90% of the world’s data was created in the last 2 years. [tweet this]


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Sunil's insight:

It is very good trend in terms of sustanable food business. Local food concept encouraged local farmer to grow fresh natural ingredients that can be used in hotel kitchen and prapare delicious meal out of them. For manager it is good idea to use local food in terms of cost effective. However, for big franchise company such aa Hilton, how they can change their purchasing contract with some of establish international supplier. changing towards local food trend may be easy for small company. But for large establishment it may be difficult or there may be some issue arised, such as appropriate food quality assurance or certification, franchise agreement for food purchasing and so on. On the other hand, consumers behaviour will force to adopt this food trend in hotel kitchen, so, it would be a challanging task for manager.

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Visionary Guest Satisfaction

Visionary Guest Satisfaction | Food And Beverage |
Ehotelier News Archives [Sep 02, 13 | 12:05 am] Visionary Guest Satisfaction
Sunil's comment, September 4, 2013 3:15 AM
Although the article sounds a lot like a campaign tool for Market Metrix, I still can pick up some good points from it. Leverage guest service with guest’s expectation is far easier to work when the team, in this case the Langham hotel, has a solid database on guest’s needs and demands. The collaboration with Market Metrix can be treated as ‘outsourcing’ marketing team’s works for a professional team who has a deeper knowledge within the industry. The point they aim for is not to spend too much time on collection feedbacks but to understand their guests. Once they have a clear understanding, then they can anticipate what their guests will require for their next stays. Result showed specific measures conducted to an improvement in KPI and guest satisfaction. Langham can be the benchmark in this active reaction between company and consumer. I think the advantage of this strategy is to have a flexible vision rather than a fixed vision in the short and long term. It helps the company’s vision to change and evolve. In the future, more hotels will follow this path to improve their services.
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Do you really need a gluten-free diet? - Illawarra Mercury

Do you really need a gluten-free diet? - Illawarra Mercury | Food And Beverage |

All manner of products - cereal, cake mix, pasta, even beer - are making the jump from niche stores to the big supermarkets.

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Sunil's insight:

Gluten free diet is a new gastronomic issue in food service industry. I agree with stereotypes concept has raised in food industry about Gluten free diet. People are influenced with celebrities and have accepted that Gluten free can loss the weight and it has health benefits. But the fact is as author indicated, for people with coeliac disease, gluten causes the body to attack itself by destroying "villi", tiny fingerlike protrusions lining the small intestine that are vital for absorbing nutrition. Due to misconception in customers demand, hotels or resorts have to provide gluten free diet in their menus. In such circumstances, the cost of food is become higher because of the price of gluten free item is much expensive than regular food products. Thus, manager has to consider in menu design about the gluten free option that lead to purchasing extra number of ingredients.

Edible News's curator insight, August 10, 2013 10:58 AM

Gluten-free is one of the hottest trends in the food industry...

Hayesh Patoliya's comment, August 18, 2013 7:10 AM
Illawarra Mercury is cute celebrity pose on iron man movie.
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Why has study saying GM could kill been ignored?

Why has study        saying GM could kill been ignored? | Food And Beverage |
A scientific study suggesting genetically modified food killed rats has been suppressed because of lobbying by multinational biotech corporations, environmental campaigners claim.

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Sunil's insight:

Despite the fact that Genetically Modified (GM) food has adverse helth effect, there is positive issue need to identify while purchasing. GM foods are cheaper so, as being a manger it may be interseted to reduce food cost for profitable business. However, manager has to consider for food ethics and customers' rights in regards to their health. I do agree with consequences of GM foods, but in certain geographic region where ingredients are not avaible all year around and it has to pay higher amount for organic food. In that circumtances purchasing the GM food may be sustanability approach of business strategy rathe than lossing business. 

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Been a victim of negative online reviews?

Been a victim of negative online reviews? | Food And Beverage |
Seven pieces of advice for making detrimental reviews work for your business.
Sunil's comment, September 4, 2013 2:38 AM
UGC is never easy to control. It came from the personal experience from guest and it depended on various changing elements such as mood, environment or expectation from that certain guest. To have a clear policy and procedure in place can prevent a lot of drama. Because it is not important if the review is bad or nasty. The user will look on the transparency of the businesses and how they are able to turn the situation around. In another word, they will rank the business based on the amount of communication going on between the management team to the protestant guest.

The first three steps basically create a time of ‘calmness’ to the business. On the other hand it’s the time to identify the faulty of the service in order to correct, improve or change. However, bad review is not a ‘bad’ thing. Sometime they can be classified as constructive review. Businesses should embrace both positive and negative reviews in order to progress.