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Sitting within a short distance of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the future Datum Jelatek development is set to become the most iconic tower in Malaysia.


The new retail and residential development will host a range of sustainable features, and recently won the Most Iconic Design of the Year at the 2012 Malaysian Reserve Editor’s Choice Awards. Located in Jalan Ampang, the project consists of four residential towers- four retail towers and one level of office suites. The concept  to embody ‘Infinite Living – The Point of Life,’ tying in with the prediction that it will be awarded a Green Building Index Platinum certification.

The design incorporates a curvilinear balcony, providing shade at the interior spaces, while the extensive landscaping will limit solar radiation and heat gain. Water features, such as the rainwater harvesting system, will reuse and store water for the needs of the irrigation system.

Each of the towers will be topped by a Sky Garden and all will be connected by the Sky Bridge, Malaysia's first of its kind, serving as a means of connection and site for outdoor activities.

Via Lauren Moss