Tumblr Brand Will Remain — With Mostly “Hands-Off” Product Approach by Yahoo’s Mayer. Except maybe the Porn... | Following companies | Scoop.it

"According to numerous sources close to the situation, the Tumblr brand will continue on in the wake of its $1.1 billion acquisition by Yahoo.

That includes definitive promises by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to once-sale-shy Tumblr CEO David Karp to allow him to shepherd the fast-growing blogging product and with no forced integration with Yahoo’s other many content properties.


That said, sources added, there will be more back-end changes to marry infrastructure, such as undergirding Tumblr’s nascent advertising business and giving it more distribution opportunities.


“At the beginning, at least, it’ll be hands off,” said one person close to the situation. “It has to be.”

 That said, Yahoo execs discussed and are aware of issues around porn published on the site, although they believe it to be fixable over time...."

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