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By Michael Seibel, Greece

I was born and raised in Germany where I studied music and dramatic arts. I worked for many years as a theatre director in Germany, but in 1994 I followed an inner impulse and moved to Athens, Greece. I now work in Greece as a theatre director and acting teacher at several drama schools.

I have always considered Greece the birthplace of western theatre, and Athens seemed like the right place to research the universal theatrical language and perhaps to discover the secrets behind the artistic creative process. So I should not have been surprised that it was here in Athens, this ancient centre of artistic creativity, that I learned about Focusing. In cooperation withPavlos Zarogiannis from the Hellenic Focusing Centre, I developed a use for Focusing that works well for actors and others in the theatrical field, and even with the audience itself. The purpose of this article is to introduce this way of using Focusing.