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Nicky Hayden had said on the eve of the Grand Prix at Mugello, Italy: "The Ducati has grown. Just look at the time: we are two seconds faster than last year." In light of the race, the prophecy of 'Kentucky Kid' has proved right . The Americas (7 º) and teammate Valentino Rossi (5 º) ended at about one second from the podium and eleven from the winner, posting the lowest reported from the dry Red this season .
"The seventh place is hard to swallow for me - said the gladiator of Owensboro - I think that both me and the team deserved more today. Sure, I could play defense and close a couple of places ahead, but I honestly leading only the podium " .
The stage, however, the Tuscan has offered encouraging signs for troops at Borgo Panigale, with Hayden, who made the long stretch with the group battling for third place, catching the final blow for blow, and responding to opponents' countermoves.

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Via Vicki Smith for Ducati.net