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Educación flexible y abierta
Algunas cosas sobre nuevas metodologías en entornos virtuales de aprendizaje
Curated by Jesús Salinas
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Veille, Curation et Knowledge Management, piliers de l’Intelligence Stratégique

Fabienne Vandekerkove, Consultante Senior chez Knowledge Plaza et Gregory Culpin, Business Developper, ont donné une présentation sur le phénomène le phénomène de la curation lors de la réunion mensuelle de l’Association Belge de Documentation (ABD) le 15 décembre 2011.

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#CmapToos free app to construct, share and criticize knowledge as concept maps #edtech20 #elearning

#CmapToos free app to construct, share and criticize knowledge as concept maps #edtech20 #elearning | Educación flexible y abierta |
This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: CmapTools - Home Page Cmap, CmapTools Program can be Downloaded, The Knowledge Model in this Web Site is navigated by 1.

The IHMC CmapTools program empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps. It allows users to, among many other features, construct their Cmaps in their personal computer, share them on servers (CmapServers) anywhere on the Internet, link their Cmaps to other Cmaps on servers, automatically create web pages of their concept maps on servers, edit their maps synchronously (at the same time) with other users on the Internet, and search the web for information relevant to a concept map.

CmapTools is used worldwide in all domains of knowledge and by users of all ages to graphically express their understanding. In particular, CmapTools is used in schools, universities, government organizations, corporations, small companies, and other organizations, both individually and in groups, for education, training, knowledge management, brainstorming, organizing information, among other applications. The collaboration and publishing features provide a powerful means for representing and sharing knowledge.

The IHMC CmapTools client is FREE for use by anybody, whether its use is commercial or non-commercial. In particular, schools and universities are encouraged to download it and install it in as many computers as desired, and students and teachers may make copies of it and install it at home.

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