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Being healthy means you are at the right weight. However, weight management is a tricky task and lots of people fail to maintain a healthy weight for long. Besides, there is no magical formula that makes you healthy and in the right weight. So, what you need to do about weight management? Read about a few tips and suggestions given below to manage your body weight effectively.Many of you do crash dieting to lose weight quickly and succeeded too, but gain weight back by far because you have not changed your eating habits permanently. However, losing weight is a tough task, but weight management for long-term is more difficult. So, you need to follow the weight management  strategy that help you to maintain your weight for the long time. Here are a few tips that will keep your body well maintained  as easy as possible.Key steps for Weight ManagemenetStart with Small Changes: The secret to success in weight management is making small changes in your diet and adjust with them for a long time. Small changes are easy to adapt and you can stick with them happily.  You can start by reducing the small portions of meal that you eat and giving up the habits that results in weight gain. You can shift to healthier food, yoga and exercise gradually.Get to know about what you eat?List out the things that you consume daily and evaluate about which one results weight gain. It can be a stepping stone towards losing body fat easily. Try to add better choices of food items in your meal.Don’t eat when you are fullAvoid eating food when you felt stressed or bored. Try to focus on what you eat. You can divert your mind easily with many other small alternative activities like walk and exercises etc.Make your dieting a family affair  Ask your family members to join your battle against weight gain. They can lend help in the form of small changes in their lifestyle and eating habits. If you are a teen you can ask your parents to support you. You all can exercise together and eat healthy food prepared by your mother at home.Eat small healthy mealsWhen you divide your meals in small portion, it will help you to make healthy choices in food. You can add different type of snacks made up of healthy things like vegetables fruits and many more. Dividing your meals into small portions can help you to cut down calorie intake without feeling  hungry.Avoid unhealthy drinksThere are many soda based drinks, which are full of calories. Just avoid them, it will help you to keep control on your weight gain. Switching to plain water and other sugar free drinks can be more effective without compromising to your taste. Avoid Junk food and fad dietsKeep yourself away from the junk food and fad food items. You can switch to the fruits and vegetables, which are full of healthy nutrients.It is not a good idea to give up a food in the hope that it will aid you to lose weight fast. The human body needs a variety of nutrients and which can be gained through a variety of food items only. So don’t push yourself to avoid any of your favorite things. Try to follow that strategy, which helps you to lose weight naturally.

Via Anjali Sharma