Oh deer, it's Silvio again | Finland | Scoop.it
Finns have reason to dislike Mr Berlusconi. Their beef, or perhaps better said their "venison", is his insulting attitude about Finnish food. In 2001, during the campaign to stop the European Food Safety Authority from being established in Helsinki, he described Finns as ignorant about food. In 2005, when the agency was finally set up in the Italian city of Parma, he quipped that he had succeeded by using his "playboy" charms on the country's president, Tarja Halonen. He complained about having had to "endure" Finnish food. “There is absolutely no comparison between culatello (a kind of ham) from Parma and smoked reindeer,” he quipped. In response to the outrage, a Finnish pizza chain invented a “Pizza Berlusconi” with smoked reindeer.